The Keep it Clean CarBage – Auto Trash Can, Auto Litter Bag, Auto Garbage Bin, Car Trash Pail, Great for Cars, Boats & RV’s Blue

This is less than an ideal solution. Is the lack of a nearby trash can! and quite a lot of litter comes from people throwing things out their car window because they have no trash can inside the car! While some people might simply keep a plastic shopping bag in the car to throw trash in. There's no 'true' spot to 'hang' the bag from, and hanging it by the handles, around the shifter, is dangerous for driving.

. Regardless of the vehicle you own, you will love this waterproof, durable and stylish litter bag to keep your car fresh. No one wants to carry that bag in and empty it onto their bed, or kitchen counter! There are other 'car trash cans' on the market too. With over 250 million cars on the road in the USA, littering can do serious damage to communities, and causes health and hazard risks to everyone- including other drivers.

The #1 reason that people give for littering. Convenience, style - super high strength & Leak Proof fabric, safety, Easy to rinse out. Conveniently straps onto front or back of seats, elastic strap/hook keeps bag from moving.

Kaytee Fiesta Healthy Toppings Papaya Treat for Small Animals, 2.5-oz bag

Satisfies small pets' need to chew. Tasty, Nutritious Treat. The small size and delicious real fruit make Healthy Toppings an excellent training aid. Great with regular meals or as a training treat. Made with real fruit. Ideal for bonding and playtime. Kaytee fiesta healthy toppings are the perfect treat to add to your pet's regular diet or offer as a side dish.


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