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2 Yr Warranty – 60w 7,000Lm 6K Cool White CREE – OPT7 FluxBeam H10 LED Headlight Kit w/Clear ARC-LENS Beam Bulbs

OPT7 900-01013 Kit #ad - Opt7 fluxBeam v. 2 led headlight kit w/ clear arc-lens beam bulbs - h10- 60w 7, 000lm 6k cool white arc-lens cree - 2 year warrantybrighter isn't always better3 years in the making, our second iteration of our Arc lens technology Arc-Lens - Crafted around the powerful OPT7070 CREE to provide the only LED headlight with the PROPER beam pattern using the ideal balance of Lux + Lumens + CRI.

A reminder than nearly half of LED Headlight failures come from everything but the LED Diode themselves. Plug-n-play: fluxbeam led headlights are made to replace nearly all stock housing and sockets. If you can't properly see what's your light is shooting down the road, it's just a lot of "blind light". Everything included for a diy installh10 fluxbeam led bulbs are sized to replace h10 bulbs, or fog lights with brilliant led lightspecifications led type:opt7-lens lumens per bulb:3, effectively replacing your low beams, high beams, 598 lumens at source lux per bulb:1900 Lux at Source CRI-79-CRI Watts/Bulb:30w Voltage: DC 9V~ DC 24V Build Material:Cold-Pressed High-Density Extruded Aluminum Recommended for Projector Headlights:Yes Driver Rating Tolerance:up 80% over FluxBeam Original Working range:-40°C ~ 85°C Build-in over current and short protection A 360 approach on light output- fluxbeam v.

2 Yr Warranty - 60w 7,000Lm 6K Cool White CREE - OPT7 FluxBeam H10 LED Headlight Kit w/Clear ARC-LENS Beam Bulbs #ad - 2 h10 led headlight bulb doesn't place it's focus ONLY on lumens/brightness, but on ALL 3 components of light output that determine the quality of light and lifespan. This metric is the same one often ignored by nearly ALL others. Cri color rendering index- The amount of light that is properly reflected against objects.

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JDM ASTAR Extremely Bright 3030 Chipsets White/Yellow 3157 3155 3457 4157 Switchback LED Bulbs with Projector For Turn Signal Lights

JDM ASTAR FBA_JDM ASTAR-3157-3030-16WY #ad - The bulbs equipped with constant-current driving IC and Aluminum Circuit Board. Fast thermal diffusion, heat-resistant, no digital and VHF radio signal interference. The 50w 6ohm load resistor or flasher relay needed to prevent the hyper flash or the bulb does not blink. Compatible for both standard and ck socket.

The turn signal flashes "amber-off-amber-off, " instead of "amber-white-amber-white, " which makes it easier to see. Fits: 3157 3157a 3057 3155 3157na 3357 3457 3457a 4057 4114 4157 4157na etc. Dimension inches: 085 in diameter, 2. 51 in length. Most switchback bulb on the market flash amber-white-amber-white.

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